Friday, June 5th 2020

830- Registration
915-930 Opening ceremony
930-1100 Plenary lectures
1100-1115 Coffee break
1115-1245 Plenary lectures
1245-1300 Coffee break
1300-1420 Invited lectures
1420-1530 Lunch break
1530-1650 Invited lectures
1650-1700 Tea break


  Poster session


Closing ceremony
1900 Gala dinner


Program of lectures


Friday, June 5th 2020


Plenary lectures – Hall Nikola Tesla:

0930-1115 Chairmen: Vladimir Komlev, VladimirParpura
0930-1015  Professor Vladimir Parpura
University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Probing astrocytes and neurons with carbon nanotubes:  Implications for translational medicine
1015-1100 Professor Vladimir Komlev
Russian Academy of Science, A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Moscow, Russia
From additive production to biofabrication in space of 3D bone grafts
1100-1115 Coffee break
Chairmens: Jovan Nedeljković, Till Dammaschke
1115-1200 Professor Till Dammaschke
Wilhelms-University Münster, Münster, Germany
Operative dentistry and endodontology with calcium silicate cements – What lies behind all this?
1200-1245 Dr  Jovan Nedeljković
Institute of Nuclear Sciences „Vinča“, Beograd, Serbia
Inorganic-organic hybrid materials: Synthesis, characterization and application
1245-1300 Coffee break


Invited lectures



  Refractory and Process Industry (Hall Mihajlo Pupin)
1300-1415 Chairmen: Vukoman Jokanović, Milorad Tomić
1300-1325 Vukoman Jokanović
Institute of Nuclear SciencesVinca and ALBOS Ltd, Belgrade, Serbia
Refractory today: An example ofextraordinary cooperation of one innovative and one small manufacturing company
1325-1350 Nikola Bajić
Research and Development Center, IHIS Techno-experts d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia
Development of basic coatings type for welding electrode made from domestic raw materials
1350-1415 Milorad Tomić
Faculty for Technology and Metallurgy, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Characterization of the electrodeposited Zn-Mn-Al2O3composite coatings
1415-1530 Lunch break



Session Nanotechnology (Hall Mileva Marić)
1530-1645 Chairman: Duško Borka 
1530-1555 Duško BorkaVinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, SerbiaInteraction of electrons with carbon nanostructures and metalic surfaces 
1555-1620 Matović Branko Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia Influence of defect chemistry on the mechanical and functional properties of mayenite (Ca12Al14O33) 
1620-1645 Nataša Jović Orsini Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as diagnostics and therapeutics agents.
1645-1700 Tea break



Nanomedicine I (Hall Nikola Tesla)


Chairmen: Till Damaschke, Djordje Antonijević
1300-1320 Bojana ĆetenovićInstitute for Nuclear Sciences „Vinča“, Belgrade, SerbiaSignificance and application of nanoparticles in endodontics 
1320-1340 Nevena ZogovInstitute for Biological Research „SinišaStanković”, Belgrade, Serbia)Insight in the Methodology of the Biological Evaluation of Novel Biomaterials. 
1340-1400 Djordje AtonijevićInstitute for Nuclear Sciences „Vinča“, Belgrade, SerbiaCalcium aluminates: Can they be promising alternative for calcium silicate in dentistry? 
1400-1420 Marijana PopovićFaculty of Dentistry, Belgrade, SerbiaChallenges and opportunities of the nanostructural biomaterials in endodontics 
1420-1530 Lunch break



Session Nanomedicine II (Hall Ivo Andr)
1300-1415 Chairman: Andreja Gajović
1300-1325 Edhem HaskovFaculty of Natural Sciences, University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BiHEffects of the CDs bethametasone on hematology parameters rats of Rattus norvegicus Berkenhout 1769, in vivo 
1325-1350 Safija Herenda IslamovićFaculty of Natural Sciences, University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BiHThe kinetic effect of corticosteroids on the activity of the enzyme in vitro 
1350-1415 Andreja Gajović Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, CroatiaTiO2nanostructures modified for improved photocatalytic purification of waste water 
1415-1530 Lunch break




  Refractory and Process industry (Hall Mihajlo Pupin)


Moderator: Vukoman Jokanović
1530-1645 Round tableEminent professionals from near-by region, Romania, Turkey, China working in refractory industrySignificance of the magnesite row materials, semi products and products in refractory industry (perspectives till 2026) 
1645-1700  Tea break




Nanotechnology (Hall Ivo Andrić)
1530-1645 Chairmen: Vladimir Purpura, Miloš Ivanović
1530-1555 Suzana Šegota
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, CroatiaStructural integrity of model lipid membranes with inserted flavonols under oxidative stress conditions
1555-1620 Srđan Lopičić
Institute for Pathological Physiology, School of Medicine, University of BelgradeRetzius nerve cells of the leech as a model for investigation of neural electrophysiological effects of nanoparticles
1620-1645 Miloš Ivanović
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Deriving atomic models of detergent micelles by combining simulations and experimental data
1645-1700 Tea break




Nanomedicine  (Hall Nikola Tesla)


Chairmen: Vladimir Komlev, Vladimir Biočanin
1530-1550 Vladimir BiočaninClinic for Oral Surgery, Faculty of Stomatology, Pančevo, SerbiaNew horizons in bone augmentation 
1550-1610 Sanja Milutinović-Smiljanić Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade, SerbiaEffect of Alboos on bone regeneration: a histologic and histomorphometricevaluation


1610-1630 Maja Dutour Sikirić    Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, CroatiaMechanisms of calcium phosphates formation on TiO2nanomaterials. A biomimetic synthetic route for multifunctional nanocomposites for hard tissue regeneration 



Dijana Trišić Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, SerbiaOutstanding osteoinductive properties of ALBO-OS on human dental stem cells 
1650-1700 Tea break